Refund policy

          We don't have a return policy, which means once you purchase product and paid the amount and receiving your item then request of return is not applicable at any phase. If you have any query, you can contact us at 

Why non-returnable/return items

          This is our first products we want to sale this products worldwide. As you know the shipping charges are higher and product is not too much costly so we are not providing return or refund policy. 

         As You know that we are not providing return/ refund. Also we are not providing exchange offer because in our product we used plastic for manufacturing so there is no possibility of damaging or breaking any part of products because we used quality material as well as we packing of products will be good so damages won't happens so we are not accepting exchange of products.

          As you all know that this products are our first product and you are purchasing this for showing your support toward us and you are helping company to grow, serve you better than earlier. We are providing good products to customer but if we consider the overall expense its not possible for both user and manufacture to bear the cost of return and refund. So at the initial level we are not providing facility of refund and return. Kindly cooperate and show your support towards this products. 

          Thanks - Fascino Products Pvt Ltd.